Fred J. Moore's Condolences

Pastor Fred was a very kind and gentle man. He was filled with love and faith in the Lord. For a few years at Bethany, I was his Monday night visitation partner. I observed him ministering to people and leading them to the Lord. It was amazing to see the Lord working through him as he prayed with people to be saved. He was driven by the Holy Spirit to see the lost accept Christ. He prayed for healing of my Grandaughter Mylie when she was an infant, as he held her at a church members picnic. The Lord healed Mylie that July 4th day 14 years ago. Pastor Fred loved people but loved the Lord even more. Well done Pastor! We miss you but will see you again. Ed Silfies
— Ed Silfies

Pastor Moore was a profound influence on my family and my spiritual growth. I will forever be grateful for knowing him and look forward to seeing him again some day.
— Doug Harrison

Pastor Fred Moore was the kindest man I have ever known. His loving ways gave me the hope I needed to trust Jesus as my savior when I was a child. I am eternally grateful.
— Deborah Denny Miller

I will always be eternally grateful for the 21 years of Pastor Moore’s service &ministry at Levant. He was one of God’s greatest gifts to my family, and to our entire community
— Joyce Stevenson

He is an icon from my childhood. I was blessed to have him as a Pastor. God''s peace to all who greive the earthly loss.
— Tina Bennett Mowrey

Pastor Fred was a very caring leader at Levant. My spiritual life grew greatly during his leadership. I am eternally greatful and will greet him again in heaven
— Dave, Linda Millward

My wife and I visited Levant church when I was a young pastor. Fred was so hospitable and encouraging to us - I always appreciated that.
— Kelvin Jones

God gave him the perfect healing love and prayers to all

Pastor Fred was more than a pastor, he was a friend. He had a heart for reaching men but also was very caring about women. His heart and his unique way of reaching you at your level drew people in as he lovingly shared his faith. Our years under his ministry will have an eternal impact on our lives. He was a giant in the faith and in our hearts. We rejoice knowing he''s been welcomed into Heaven and we will meet again. Fred & Marjie Jones
— Marjie Jones

Will always remember his excellent work with Levant Wesleyan Church. Blessings.
— Michael Vaughn

I am so honored to have had five life-changing years, working with Fred at the Levant church. He was a father in the faith to me. I am forever grateful.
— Karl Ingersoll

Pastor Fred will always be loved by my family. He prayed with us, cried with us, rejoiced with us and was always there when he was called upon. He was blessed with a heart of gold, a smile that would warm a room and a sense of humor that makes you smile just thinking about it. Pastor Fred is in a better place and I send my love and prayers to the entire Moore Family. Love you guys.
— Wayne Gibson

May our Lord and Savior give you all peace and comfort. Thank you Fred for all you encouraging words thru the years. May you rest in peace
— Tom Leposa

Pastor Fred will always be remembered by my family as our Pastor because of his loving, caring and faithful ministry to us. He prayed with me when I first accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and LORD over 55 years ago as a teenager. He would often help out on our farm, he stayed with us at the hospital when my brother Dan was dying as a 9 year old, never leaving it seemed and was such a comfort during a difficult time. He prayed with my father as he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and LORD around that time also. To say that he and his dear wife had a significant spiritual influence upon my life over the years, would be an understatement. Well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your LORD.
— Rev. Dick Engert