Rita Y. Verolini's Condolences

I am so sad to learn of Rita''s passing. She was a sweet lady and always helping everyone she knew. She will be missed by many friends. God bless you Rita. Fondly Judy Keenan
— JUDY KEENAN     jknewbe9@gmail.com

To family of Rita. So sorry for your loss.Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. May God bless.
— Larry Fox Suzie     larrysuziefox@yahoo.com

So sad to hear of Rita''s passing. Such a nice lady. Enjoyed spending time as a young girl at Rita and Zanna''s house and play with their poodle. Rest in peace.
— Sally Verolini Bernhard     bernhard3@verizon.net

So sorry to hear of Rita''s passing, she will be greatly missed.
— Shirley Feely     sjean617@yahoo.com

What a joy to have known Rita! She was a beautiful soul! I so enjoyed her insight at the Bible study classes at St. Francis Church. Many prayers for her family and friends. May Rita Rest In Peace!
— CINDY GREEK     cmgreek@atlanticbb.net

Rest In Peace, Rita. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Senior Center.
— Mary Ellen Bushey     Bushey_me@yahoo.com

I am so sorry to learn that Rita has passed. From the Senior Center to St. Bernards , she was always so very kind and a helpful friend to Irma. She will be missed by a lot of us, especially Irma. God bless you. Fondly Judy Keenan
— JUDY KEENAN     jknewbe9@gmail.com