Helen A. Sapko's Condolences

Helen was a wonderful women. She had given me my first servers job at The Pennhills Club many moons ago. R.I.P. HELEN GOD HAS CHOSEN ANOTHER WONDERFUL ANGEL!
— Judy Ransom     judyransom24@gmail.com

To family of Helen. So sorry for your loss. What a super lady. Really will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. May God bless.
— Larry Fox Suzie     larrysuziefox@yahoo.com

Sorry to learn about Helen’s passing. She went above & beyond serving all her diners by her thoughtful & caring manner.
— Nancy Fire     amylynn2727@yahoo.com

Helen was a hard working, kind, caring person. She had a kind word for you every single time you saw her. The world needs more people like her. Helen was an example for all of us.
— Linda McKnight     lam1082@outlook.com

Rest in peace, dear lady. Helen was one of a kind.
— Beth Reed     bcanterbury@gmail.com

Helen was such a wonderful lady. She was my favorite person at the Pennhills Club. I haven''t seen her for a long time, but I''ve never forgotten her. She will be remembered by many.
— Suzanne Dittman     dittman@pitt.edu