Kevin M. Yerdon's Condolences

As I type this I imagine you sitting across from me looking over your monitor helping me craft the most eloquent prose with a hint of sarcasm. Your unbelievable ability to say just the right thing while getting a point across was by far one of my most favorite things about you. It ticks me off that we are all writing what you meant to us on some website wall..... I hope you knew. I hope I told you how bad ass you are enough. Life took us in different directions, but I''m sure glad our paths ran parallel for awhile! I''ve read most of what others have said since your passing and I have to concur. You were a rare jewel of a human in a world full of mediocre. Rest easy my friend. You are missed.
— Tammy

Words seem so feeble in moments like these. Your departure was all too soon. We couldn’t say good-bye and let you know how much you meant to so many. I was lucky to work with you, first at Richfield, where we spent time at so many transitions…my favorite was The Jewel…so many stories!! Our paths crossed again at RLH and on my first day, your big smile greeted and welcomed me like an old friend. We sat next to each other and you “enjoyed” my very entertaining HR calls. You always had the right comment and great conversation. Kevin, your departure leaves an empty space, but know that your presence, kindness and the memories we all share, will forever be with us. Farewell, my friend, until our paths cross once again. Rest In Peace Rose
— Rose Robinson

Kevin''s death was sudden but devastating news. He was a savvy hotelier and creator of some very worthy content when we were at Richfield. He and I would work almost every weekend and spent productive time thinking about new and different ways to improve. He was a deeply analytical person and more than anyone his summarization of an asset brought great receptivity. It was Kevin, more than anyone who gave us his distinctive verbal tone of urbanity. wit, easy erudition, encyclopedic reference, anti pomposity, contained passion and love of the oddball and out-of-the-way. He was someone who could transform a disastrous manuscript into a credible piece of writing into a first-rate feature. If Kevin''s reputation outside wasn''t as high as it should have been, it is probably because he was so innately suspicious of hype himself. He tended to view his surroundings with that mixture of humor, irreverence, and suspicion common to a generation surrounded by political chicanery on one side and sex, drugs, and rock''n''roll on the other. He had a 60s sense of humor: spiky but whimsical, a moral stance: tough-minded but compassionate, cool and ironical rather than orgiastic. But most uniquely he had something else: that small town stoicism that can sometimes rattle and confuse the city folks. Everyone who knew him welland he had dozens, maybe hundreds of friends spread out all across the USAregarded him salt of the earth, but you could never have said that to him because he would have looked askance and broken out into a derisive guffaw. Kevin wouldn''t have tolerated easy sentiment, but I think he''d let it pass if I say that all of us who knew or worked with him him and miss him. Badly. May he rest in peace and enjoy his blessed new surroundings. Moby
— moby ahmed

Kevin will be missed by so many in the hospitality industry. What a great mentor he was to all of us that had the pleasure of working with him. I so enjoyed working with him and doing hotel transition. Rest my friend.
— Rita Pohlmeier

I taught Kevin in 4th grade at St.Bernard''s. I was so very shocked to see this.He was such a sweet boy and I so enjoyed him as my student. This saddens me greatly,It makes me very happy however to see he was such a huge success in life. My condolences to his siblings .I believe I taught all of you except Kathleen. I pray that God will give you strength during this difficult time.
— Theresa McCown

Kevin ~ I will miss you my sweet friend. I will miss your welcoming hug and smile, your huge heart, your loyalty, your brilliant wit and incredible sense of humor. I will miss working so closely with you. I will miss commiserating with you...listening to those, "wait until you hear this one" stories. Your "Kevinisms". I will miss our dinner dates enjoying great food and wine together laughing the night away. I will miss your love of and mastery of the English language (grammar in particular) -) Of course you were your high school''s Valedictorian and of course we never knew. That''s SO you! I will honestly miss Everything about you, Kevin. And I will never forget when you showed up to my father-in-law''s Celebration of Life in 2015 (you and Tammy). It was so unexpected and so very appreciated by me and Scott. The only solace I have in this terrible time is knowing I will see you again one day and will be greeted by your warm smile, bear hug and a glass of wine in your hand to properly Cheers to the occasion! Until then, Cheers to You my sweet friend! May you rest in peace in eternal life. Ange
— Angela Landgraf

Kevin, I will miss you dearly my sweet friend. You were a gentle giant, the hugest heart, a loyal person and had the most brilliant wit and sense of humor! I will miss working so closely with you…commiserating and sharing “you won’t believe this one” stories with you. I will miss your “Kevinisms” and mutual love of food and wine. I will never forget how you showed up at my father-in-law’s Celebration of Life in 2015 (along with Tammy). It was so unexpected but meant the world to both Scott & me. I will miss your love for and mastering of the English language…grammar most especially ??. You have been taken from us way too soon. I take solace though in knowing that when I see you next you will greet me with that huge, warm smile of yours and with a glass of wine in hand! Cheers to you, my friend. May your rest peacefully in eternal life.
— Angela Landgraf