Caskets provide a dignified final resting place for your loved one who has passed away. Caskets are made of wood and metal. Our large casket showroom will allow you to select a casket that fits your needs and your budget. Our caskets can be adjusted by color and styles. Click here for our casket selections from Batesville.


UrnsVery much like caskets, urns range in price from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Urns are made of several different materials such as metal, ceramic, hardwood, glass and stone.  Cremated remains can also be placed in jewelry such as brooches and pendants. They can even be transformed into gems and diamonds. Urns can be selected with the intentions of the family wishes. Cremated remains can be scattered, buried or placed on a mantle in the home of the loved one. Click here for urn selections from Batesville.

There are certain rules when it comes to burying ashes and scattering them. If you have any questions please contact us at any time.


VaultsMost cemeteries require the caskets be placed in a burial vault. Vaults are made of concrete, steel and marble. They protect the casket and the ground above from heavy machinery which is used to open and close the new grave. Vaults also vary in prices depending on the quality and style selected. Click here for vault selections from Wilbert.


Flowers are the most popular form of a gift for the families of the deceased. If one can't attend the services, one can always send flowers in memory of. If you have a preferred florist you should turn to them first. Our advice to anyone sending flowers is to contact the funeral director where the services are being held. Click here for local florists

FlowersFor families of the deceased, the traditional arrangements from the family is a set of floral ends to be placed at each end of the casket and a floral spray for the top of the casket. Ribbons with words of affection will be placed on each arrangement. They are usually a mix of colorful flowers or can be upgraded using one's favorite selection such as roses and the cost will vary because of personal preferences.

Pet Caskets and Urns

Pet Caskets and urns are available in several sizes. You select the pet casket model, type, size, color, and linings you want for your beloved pets final resting place. Pet caskets are also sometimes called pet containers or even pet coffins. Many pet cemeteries and other property owners who allow pet burials will require that caskets be made of a material that will not breakdown easily underground. Most pet caskets today are made of a very tough, long lasting plastic composite known as polyurethane. This material will not breakdown over time, assuring that the ground above the casket will remain stable for landscaping purposes for years. Biodegradable caskets, meanwhile, are intended to absorb into the earth relatively quickly. Click here to see a selection of caskets and urns.


We are offering high quality keepsakes from Precious Memories,click here for more information.

Jewelry made from sterling silver,or 14K white or yellow gold. Each Memorial Pendant is custom made using your favorite photos.Click here to see a selection of jewelry.