Photo Tips

Tips for Obituary Photos

The obituaries at are able to contain photos of your loved ones. These photos are a great way to share your favorite photos and memories. An initial photo can be added when the initial obitiuary is completed and others can be added later. Here are some helpful tips for the obituary photos.

  1. It is best to use photos that are not extremely large. If a photo is taken directly from your camera and uploaded to the website, it will cause slowness loading the obituary page. It is best to resize and crop your photo before uploading. You can use computer software or an online tool such as
  2. The first uploaded image will be the main obituary image. It is best if this photo clearly reflects the individual.
  3. Be respectful. While it is OK to use humorous photos, please be respectful to your loved one, family, and friends of the individual. Innapropriate photos will be removed from the website.
  4. If you would like us to upload the initial photo, please bring the photo with you when you meet with us, ideally in electronic format.

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